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1. to talk without authorization in class and many others. uit jou beurt praat يَتَكَلَّم بدون إذْن говоря без разрешение falar sem permissão / interromper mluvit bez dovolení dazwischenreden sige noget, uden at have fileået lov μιλώ χωρίς να έχω πάρει άδεια hablar sin permiso ilma loata rääkimine بدون اجازه صحبت کردن puhua ilman lupaa parler sans y être invité לְדַבֵּר לְלא אִישוּר बिना इजाजत के बोलना govoriti nepozvano beleszól (nem várva become a sorát) bicara di luar giliran (parlare senza permesso) 順番を無視してしゃべる 수업 시간에 허락도 받지 않고 이야기 하다 imti kalbėti nekpaklaustam, be eilės runāt bez atļaujas/uzaicinājuma bercakap tanpa kebenaran vóór of na zijn beurt praten snakke i timen odezwać się poza kolejnością/w nieodpowiedniej chwili پرته له اجازی خبری کول говорить без разрешения hovoriť mimo poradia, bez dovolenia spregovoriti brez dovoljenja govoriti bez dozvole tala när gentleman inte står i tur พูดในห้องเรียนโดยไม่ได้รับอนุญาต söz almadan konuşmak 魯莽的在課堂上講話 говорити без дозволу, поза чергою بلا اجازت بولنا phát biểu chen ngang 鲁莽的在课堂上讲话

Tonight It is my turn to cook → Ce soir c'est à moi de faire la cuisine., Ce soir c'est mon tour de faire la cuisine.

deliver, direct - result in to go someplace; "The explosion sent the car flying during the air"; "She sent her children to camp"; "He directed all his energies into his dissertation"

a. To alter the placement of so that the underside turns into the higher aspect: transform the steak; switch a website page.

= shock, fright to give any individual a flip → jdm Angst or einen Schrecken einjagen; you/it gave me quite a transform → du hast/es hat mir einen schönen Schrecken eingejagt

metamorphose, transmogrify, transfigure - change absolutely the nature or look of; "In Kafka's Tale, a person metamorphoses right into a bug"; "The remedy and diet transfigured her into a beautiful young woman"; "Jesus was transfigured just after his resurrection"

break - crack; in the male voice in puberty; "his voice is breaking--he need to now not sing during the choir"

subsequently one after the other, one by one, in succession, a person great site soon after Yet another There were cheers for each person because they spoke in turn.

grow, convert - pass into a ailment step by step, tackle a selected residence or attribute; turn out to be; "The temperature turned nasty"; "She grew indignant"

secularise, secularize - make secular and draw clear of a religious orientation; "Ataturk secularized Turkey"

convert - (match) the exercise of performing some thing in an agreed succession; "it is actually my convert"; "it remains to be my Participate in"

change - a time for working (following which you will be relieved by somebody else); "It can be my go"; "a spell of work"

2. To change or Handle the performing of (a mechanical device, one example is) by the use of a rotating or equivalent motion: turned the iron into a hotter location.

the financial system may well ultimately be over the transform → puede que por fin la economía de un giro importante or cambie de signo

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